RHI Biomass Boiler

RHI Boiler Asset; UK care homes, hotels & spas:

Investors take full and direct ownership of a 200kW biomass boiler, in return for 20 years of inflation-linked income generated via the Government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) paid direct from the UK Treasury.The RHI pays owners of a biofuel-fuelled system a fixed tariff linked to inflation for 20 years, in return for generating heat from a renewable source (akin to the Feed-In Tariff which pays solar PV owners for producing electricity from a renewable source). Each boiler is installed in a Care Home, Hotel or Spa and with predictable and steady usage the RHI income can be accurately forecast to generate ~ £23,500 in Year 1 alone. 

Invest from as little as £25,000

20+% per annum inflation-linked income for 20 years

Operational Management options available

This opportunity is limited, contact Willow Rivers for further details.

To request a prospectus or to receive a list of available sites 

please email: info@willowrivers.com


Solar panels And Inverter

We use only the very best components for our investors to ensure a secure and reliable income stream. We use Enphase micro inverters on every panel to ensure reliability and monitoring along with top tier solar panels.


We negotiate a lease for the roof on behalf of the investor for a 20 year period. In return the investor gets the Feed in Tariff for 20 years and the property owner gets the use of the free electricity


We position all of our systems in the South of England to maximise solar radiation levels. All systems are south facing and maintained on a regular basis. For a list of available systems please contact info@willowriverswealth.com