Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Our partners aim to build, own and operate a renewable energy plant which will convert agricultural residues into electricity and useable heat in accordance with all UK and EU guidelines and legislation.

Residues from the mixed 225 ha farm consists mainly of manure from some 2,100 pigs and 300 cattle which are housed indoors year round on straw bedding, itself a by-product from the farm’s own wheat and barley cultivation. The farm also grow 25 ha of miscanthus, which is sold under contract as a biomass fuel to Drax power station.

Renewable Energy will be generated by means of the well known process of anaerobic digestion (AD), in which naturally occurring microbes break down and digest plant and faecal matter under carefully controlled conditions and in the absence of oxygen to produce biogas, mainly a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide with a few other trace gases. After a certain amount of processing this biogas, which is collected in the expanding domed roof of the fermenter, serves as fuel in a combined heat and power (CHP) unit, consisting of a specially adapted, container mounted, reciprocating engine fitted with an alternator to generate electricity, which is then fed into the grid. AD has been widely used on the Continent for many years and has more recently become one of the renewable energy technologies encouraged and incentivised by the government in this country.

The inevitable waste heat contained in the exhaust gases and the cooling water of the CHP engine passes through heat exchangers and part of this is piped back to the main fermenter in order to maintain a constant mesophilic temperature as required by the microbial organisms. The majority of the waste heat is, however, fed to the adjacent wood drying kilns, where unseasoned logs are converted to kiln dried firewood and wood chips.

Invest from as little as £50,000
10% per annum inflation-linked
Full operation Management options available
This opportunity is limited, contact Willow Rivers for further details.

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Solar panels And Inverter

We use only the very best components for our investors to ensure a secure and reliable income stream. We use Enphase micro inverters on every panel to ensure reliability and monitoring along with top tier solar panels.


We negotiate a lease for the roof on behalf of the investor for a 20 year period. In return the investor gets the Feed in Tariff for 20 years and the property owner gets the use of the free electricity


We position all of our systems in the South of England to maximise solar radiation levels. All systems are south facing and maintained on a regular basis. For a list of available systems please contact