Combined Heat Power Investment

Willow Rivers offers a new way for investors to access the biofuel investment market and take advantage of the Governments new Renewable Heat Incentive for producing sustainable heat from pellet fuelled boilers – and renewable energy obligation certificates from CHP systems.
Following 12 months of high-level research, including structural and tax planning from experts Davidsons UK, Willow Rivers Wealth Ltd has unveiled a proprietary new way for investors to access the CHP investment market and benefit from the Governments new Renewable Heat Incentive for producing sustainable heat and electricity from pellet fuelled CHP systems.

The investment can be held in a number of efficient vehicles including UK corporate structures as well as by private individuals. Willow Rivers development partner has designed and built a number of CHP systems around the globe and installed them in a variety of businesses including care homes, hotels, seed nurseries and leisure centres. This type of investment is usually only available to institutional investors, however WR is the first company to offer accredited investors access to this unique asset class. But the real advantage to investors lies in UK Governments inflation linked Renewable Heat Incentive payment, paid quarterly directly in to the investors nominated account.

CHP offers energy intensive businesses such as care homes and hotels the opportunity to upgrade their inefficient fossil fueled heating systems to more sustainable efficient alternatives fired on biofuel pellets. In return for providing a brand new fully managed CHP unit the investor receives the 20 year inflation linked RHI payment and the ROC payment equating to somewhere between 17-20% pa.
Willow Rivers has source a large number of suitable properties for this purpose and is actively seeking accredited investors to further fund these opportunities. Accredited investors interested in learning more about Willow Rivers RHI & CHP Investment can call or email on the contacts below.

Invest from as little as £220,000

20% per annum inflation-linked

Full operation and management options available

This opportunity is limited, to download further details please click on the below link.

To find out more please email

Solar panels And Inverter

We use only the very best components for our investors to ensure a secure and reliable income stream. We use Enphase micro inverters on every panel to ensure reliability and monitoring along with top tier solar panels.


We negotiate a lease for the roof on behalf of the investor for a 20 year period. In return the investor gets the Feed in Tariff for 20 years and the property owner gets the use of the free electricity


We position all of our systems in the South of England to maximise solar radiation levels. All systems are south facing and maintained on a regular basis. For a list of available systems please contact