Domestic rooftop Solar

UK Solar Investment Providing A 13%+ Ethical Income For 20 Years, Guaranteed By The UK Government, Fully Insured With a 20 Year Warranty

An Introduction:

In April 2010 the UK government launched the lucrative Feed-In Tariff (FiT), which rewards people for installing Solar Photovoltaic Systems on commercial and residential rooftops.

Under this scheme, for every kWh of electricity that is generated, an investor can receive a payment of up to 3.76p/kWh in year 1, which will rise in line with inflation for the next 20 years.

We have sourced our investors a limited number of systems in the south of the UK, where the sunshine is greatest and the maximum amount of electricity is produced, creating the highest yields.

Income derived will be linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which guarantees that the investment rises each year by the prevailing rate of inflation, protecting your returns. First year yields will be a minimum 13% far better than any high street bank.

Investment Highlights:

  • Average 13% annual NET income through the UK Governments “Feed In Tariff”(FIT)
  • Income is backed by the UK government for 20 years
  • IRR of 10%
  • Totally hands free, passive investment located only in the UK’s sunniest locations
  • Income paid quarterly, and increases in line with inflation
  • All assets and equipment are fully insured, managed and guaranteed under 20 warranties• Administered by OFGEM and managed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • 3 defined exit strategies, ideal investment for a high income pension.
  • Invest from just £50,000

The Market and its Demand:

Now you can. Individuals can purchase solar PV systems on UK rooftops that are already generating income. We have a limited number of systems available across the south of England.


Some of our systems are already installed, connected and generating income. With known irradiation levels, system ef ficiencies and government feed-in-tariffs, the future income is easily forecast plus fully insured and warranted.

Systems are sold at a price returning a minimum 13% yield per annum and a minimum investment of £50,000 is required.


In the UK, the government’s feed-in-tariff increases in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). In Oct 2016 that figure was 0.9% but is expected to rise post Brexit.


As an owner you will acquire outright ownership of the 20 year feed-in-tariff and the rooftop owner will own the equipment including PV, inverters, cabling and mounting structure. Once an owner of the Feed-in-tariff, you can monitor the performance of your system yourself via the remote monitoring system included in the price on all systems.

Renewable Energy – short supply and huge demand: How our investment works

We have approached residential and commercial building owners, with the offer of a discounted Solar Photovoltaic System.

In exchange for agreeing to a pay for half the installation and installing the system on their roof, the occupier gets to use the electricity generated completely FREE of charge and receives a discount on their energy bill.

The investor then has formal rights to the generation tariff under the FiT and 50% of the export tariff. This results in a minimum annual income to the investor of 13%% pa rising with inflation over the next 20 years.

When an investor purchases a Solar Photovoltaic System, not only do they bene fit from the UK Government backed FiT income, but they also help to reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions compared to conventional energy sources, thus helping the environment.

The Opportunity:

  • Average 13% net income through the Feed in Tariff
  • Income backed by the UK Governments for 20 years
  • Low risk AAA rated investment similar to bonds and gilts
  • Income paid quarterly into your nominated bank account
  • Income increase annually in line with CPI inflation
  • All assets and equipment and fully insured and warranted for 20 years
  • All assets and equipment are fully insured, administered by OFGEM and managed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change
  • Hands free passive investment
  • Socially responsible investment, helping both the environment and the property owner
  • Invest from £50,000 + VAT

How it works:

Example of a 4KW system based on 900 irradiance average. FIT payment on 3,600kWh and export of a deemed 50% 1800Kwh.

Investor contributes £1520 Home Owner contributes £1520

Feed in Tariff generates an income of £135.36 pa Export generates an income £88.38 pa
Gross income before O&M = £223.74
Gross Yield = £223.74/ £1,520= 14.7%

Net Yield – (£20 O&M) = £203.74/ £1,520 = 13.4 %

IRR = 10.8%

Exit Strategies Long Term Hold.

Hold the Solar Asset for the duration of the FIT payment from the government, 20 years, and benefit from a robust long-term low-risk, index-linked income stream, ideal for a regular pension income in the future.

Sell to the roof owner. The majority of the roofs we use, want to purchase the system themselves but currently do not have the funds available. You can choose to sell this to them at any time for an agreed price.

Sell to a pension fund. Since you are locking in the higher Feed In Tariff (FIT) income right now before it reduces, pension funds are willing to pay a premium for your Solar Panel Investment, thus allowing you to exit easily and make a significant profit. We can also assist in finding a buyer for your asset.

MCS Government Certi fied:

Reassurance – providing peace of mind, all of our installations are fully MCS certified and the photo-voltaic panels used in our systems are provided by one of the industry’s leading manufacturers. MCS certificates will be supplied for every system we install and offer to our clients, spec sheets for panels and inverters are also available on request.

As you would expect, the Solar Photovoltaic Systems that are available for investment are installed by fully trained installers. In fact, the government have stated that only equipment which meets the quality durability of the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) can be used and furthermore, only those installers who are accredited by the MCS can instal systems – which our installers are.

All equipment has a minimum 20 year warranty, and a full monitoring and maintenance package included as standard. All equipment is made of the highest quality tier 1 materials and uses the very latest technology.

The average projected life span of a system is 40 years – 20 years longer than the investment period.

Fully backed by the UK Government for 20 years. Few investment opportunities offer such a high-level of income security. The home owner will also be contractually obliged to insure the system under his homes and contents insurance for further security.

How To Invest:

Only a small number of roofs meet our strict criteria to be sold to investors. This includes no shade, correct roof pitch, south facing and a minimum size as well as being structurally sound. This means that we are only able to offer a small number of systems on a monthly basis to our private client, so please do contact us if you are interested.

The Investment Process:

We will then register your system with Good Energy, in order to begin accruing quarterly income.

How to reserve:

You will sign and complete a reservation form, specifying the number of units and location in which you are investing.

You will then receive a contract to be completed and returned, along with 10% of your investment funds.

The unit is then installed and an MCS certi ficate is issued, at which point you will transfer the remainder of your investment funds. Full ownership of the FIT will pass to you at this point, along with ownership of the equipment to the roof owner.

To receive a reservation form and a list of available units please email and one of our consultants will be in touch.

If you have any questions or require further information please call the office on 0203 2396 711 and we will send all required documents for review.


Solar panels And Inverter

We use only the very best components for our investors to ensure a secure and reliable income stream. We use Enphase micro inverters on every panel to ensure reliability and monitoring along with top tier solar panels.


We negotiate a lease for the roof on behalf of the investor for a 20 year period. In return the investor gets the Feed in Tariff for 20 years and the property owner gets the use of the free electricity


We position all of our systems in the South of England to maximise solar radiation levels. All systems are south facing and maintained on a regular basis. For a list of available systems please contact